We advise on, plan and construct storage, filling and transfer units in all materials and production plants for liquid media and gases and all areas of use.

Mineral Oil Management

Right from the beginning, tank storage units and filling facilities for low to highly viscose mineral oil products, belong to the product range of HKL.

Our customers value the well-thought out technology and the processing. The realisation of their wishes and ideas takes place using state-of-the-art technology as well as by maintaining legal specifications throughout the entire project process, starting with the engineering, to the assembly right up to commissioning and maintenance.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry we build storage tanks and supply facilities connecting pipelines for dangerous fluids included.

From preliminary to detailed planning and from execution to plant maintenance, we can offer you a complete range of services based on the latest state-of-the-art technology which enables us to cater our customer’s wishes and to implement them.

Our customers value the broad range of services and the flexibility that is a hallmark of our staff. In the plastic industry our main business is the installation and maintenance of storage tanks, mixing units and piping systems for liquid raw materials such as polyols, isocyanates, caprolactam and resins.

Chemical Trade

For the chemical trade we plan and construct storage and filling plants for various water-polluting and flammable liquids as well as pressure-liquefied gases (such as propane/butane, ammonia etc.).

Paint and dyeing industry

Manufacturers of paint and dyes especially value our extensive knowledge in complete solutions for their production – starting from storage and supply systems to dosing and mixing systems right up to filling units.

This also includes volumetric or gravimetric entry of quantities as well as formulation controlled continuous or interrupted mixing processes.

As a medium sized family business we can offer you the flexibility and reliability you need for your business.

Supply and waste management companies / sewage plants

We offer operators in the supply and waste industry branch well-founded knowledge to implement the storage and supply of media such as: supply of chemicals for sewage plants, substitute fuel supply for bio-mass vessels etc.

Additionally the fuel supply to stand-by aggregates or the safe storage, retention and filling of remaining substances.

Apart from plant safety the maintenance of legal specifications as well as the desired supply safety remain at the forefront.

Hardening units

We plan and deliver complete supply stations for all liquid and gaseous media, such as: ammonia, methanol and propane.

Our speciality are compact workshop-premounted container plants for ammonia barrels including vaporizer and PLC-based visualization and control systems.

Flue-gas denitrification systems DeNOx

We plan and construct storage units and supply facilities for ammonia, ammonia-water or urea solution for denitrification units (DeNOX) in power plants, waste incinerators, glass and cement industry as well as major industrial furnaces.

Special requirements of the process can be considered such as: various supply of primary energy, vaporizers or direct injection.